29 Simple Street Style Shoes To Wear Now

Hannah Prowse

Get to know the different categories first

Football is one of the most popular sports out there and players get excited rather than frightened when they have a match. For each player to give their best during the match, they should have the right gear for the game. Aside from choosing the right clothes to fit all the runs and sweats that come with the game, you would also need to make the right choice of soccer shoes. The ones you choose may not add much to your playing abilities, but they will really determine how feasible it is to bring out your best skills. An inconvenient will not do you much justice and so is a luggage designed for your playing style.

Each player has a different style of play and the different positions should dictate what is most ideal. If you are a player who sticks to a specific position, you should choose the ones that are designed for that position in terms of performance. So who needs what when it comes to shoes? Below are some categories of fielders who play in different positions and need different types of shoes.

goalkeepers - If you are a golly, you need one with great traction and one that allows you to move quickly. One that has a strike zone that is well structured also does the best so it is easy for you to kick out and go back.

Midfielder - They need those who offer them control and ability to easily run up and down the football field with maximum comfort.

defender - They face most of the abuses on the pitch and they must therefore check if they offer the necessary foot protection. It should also help them achieve clean passes.

Knowing your position requirements will definitely make it easier to choose the one that serves your needs. You can also make this process a success by getting to know the categories out there. With this information in mind you will be able to narrow your search to the most suitable type.


These are designed with elements focused on control and passport zones. They are handy for players looking for fast control and passports that are solid enough.


This category of soccer shoes is generally lightweight. They have synthetic upper and minimal design on the upper layer so they stay as light as possible to facilitate speed.


They are considered to have a brain because of the different techniques used on them to add some oomph to the game, especially when they hit the balls. The concentration is usually in the strike zone.


These focus more on durability and comfort, so they have more leather and less technology.


They are a mixture of different styles, therefore they can offer control and speed at the same time. They can also be lightweight, but still come with a technology around the pass zone to make the mark.