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Cute bedroom design ideas for kids and playful ghosts – Baby`s Room – #Babies # for #Ghosts #Children #Cute

The average bride to be tries on a dozen dresses before she finds the right one. But it is nothing compared to the number of shoes she slides in and out of before her big day. Why are the right wedding shoes so hard to find? For one thing, the shoes have to match the dress, the arena, the season and more. In this article, we will review some basic tips that will hopefully help you avoid heel blisters and find the perfect pair a little sooner.

When to buy?

Contrary to belief, it is not necessary to buy wedding shoes on the same day as the dress. It is actually a good idea to choose the dress first and then set aside an afternoon to focus on the shoes. When you go shoe shopping, make sure you bring a swatch from your dress to ensure the best color match. As a general rule, it is always a good idea to have your shoes with you when you have the first fit. This will reduce the cost of change and ensure that your dress is ready in time. The first installation usually takes place about a month before the wedding.


It is important to note that none of these tips are etched in stone. There are no rules regarding the wedding day. After all, it's your day. However, according to the experts, the fabric and texture of your shoes should match as closely as possible with the fabric and structure of your dress. Which means if you wear a satin dress, your shoes should contain a similar type of satin that will complement it.


For brides to be who do not use the same fabric on their shoes as in their dresses, it can be a chore to get a perfect color match. There are literally hundreds of different shades of white and most of them are slightly off white. An easy way to ensure a match is to buy a color that can withstand dyes. The bridal shop or salon can then send them out and get the shoes professionally colored to match the color of your dress.


If every bride to be simply could choose a shoe they loved, this process would be much easier. But when it comes to style, there are several factors to keep in mind. First and most important is the arena. If the wedding is to be held outdoors, some shoes simply won't work. For example, you can't have high heels for a beach wedding. You should sink! The four most popular styles that hold most arenas are sandals, pumps, loop backs and flats.


For starters, we strongly suggest that you choose a heel height that you have worn before and that you are comfortable with. You have a thousand important things to worry about without adding to the list. As a general rule, you should choose a pair that is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. Keep in mind that most wedding dresses are home to floor length, which means that if you remove them, your dress will drag on the floor.


Why did we wait so long to mention the price? It's your special day and we didn't want to cause you unnecessary stress. But as you might expect, wedding shoes tend to be expensive. The price for the average couple ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000. Remember that a brand does not necessarily guarantee a better fit. There are many less popular brands that make quality shoes at affordable prices.

Accessories and embellishments

Many brides to be creative with their shoes and decorate them with many embellishments. Embroidery and crystals are quite popular for formal business or when dresses are also embroidered. Most bridal shops have employees who can perform this service for you.


Another popular trend is to decorate shoes with beads or beads. Many brides feel that this complements a dress with a simple hemline. But if your dress contains a lot of lace, crystals, pearls or other embellishments, it's probably a good idea to wear an unadorned shoe.

Think about your bridesmaids

Yes, it's your day. And there is absolutely no need to wear the same shoes as your friends. But most brides who are supposed to insist on some consistency with regard to style, which means that if you wear closed toe or ankle shoes, your bridesmaids should have the same. Now there is no need to make any demands or to prevent your friends from buying shoes they like. But it is important to let them know which shoe style you have chosen before shopping. It may also be a good idea to get the maid services to make sure the girls choose a suitable shoe.

Although they may be a small detail compared to the whole ceremony, the perfect shoes can add that extra special touch to your wedding day.