Did you know that the Business Casual Dresscode was introduced in 1979?

Did you know that the Business Casual Dresscode was introduced in 1979? Since at that time had to be saved because of the oil crisis and was dispensed with air conditioning. So the dress code relaxed. Photo by berndhower on Instagram.

Men rarely buy shoes. If they did, they usually have a good reason for it. For the most part, it is because their old reliable couple released their last breath and broke down. And although more and more men are slowly becoming more fashion forward, they still need advice on how to shop for shoes. With a little hope, this list helps with advice.

For the best fitting shoes, go to specialty stores for sneakers and footwear. But for the best deals, department stores, wholesalers and stores are always your best bets. Selling clearance is also very useful in terms of saving money on a couple. Shoes that are for sale are usually outdated by a season or two. But think about it: when you actually get on the streets, who will notice? This is actually an advantage that men have compared to women. Men can actually recycle their shoes and still be in season. As long as they are clean, with the right outfit and attitude, you can easily wear designer shoes that were in essence two seasons ago.

Buying online can be quite difficult, especially if you are not sure of the size, what it really looks like and other minor details. A good trick would be to go to a similar store, make sure your choice of shoe has a comfortable fit and then log in online for the best deal. Having previous experience with a particular brand will also help, which gives you less worry when you try them. In addition, retailers offer online refunds on purchases.

The best time to visit the shoe stores is in the late weeks or Sunday mornings. More often than not you will be the only customer in the store, therefore the seller will be able to give you his full attention for good one-on-one service.

More often than not, there are good shoemakers in your area. These people are dedicated cobblers and they can create tailored dress shoes that are perfect size, made to match your feet and style. They may not be Nike or Reebok, but they are tailor made to suit you.

Unlike most women, men always put comfort above all else when it comes to shoes. But with many men able to balance the need for style with the need for comfort, the world is now ready for elegant men's shoes that meet the need for form and function.