Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Lace-Up Boot

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Wet soccer shoes can be challenging to play in and they can also be quite uncomfortable for your feet. It is also very important to remember that moisture can damage the shoes and you must therefore make sure that your blocks dry properly after each wash or after wet play. But what do you do when you have very little time to let your shoes dry properly?

1. Release the cords. Loosening the cords opens up your pads to get more air into them and speeds up the drying process. When you let the rocks dry with the cords on, you also expose the seams to tension because they are pulled together when they dry. Loosening the cords therefore also helps to eliminate this type of stress.

2. Remove the shoe sole. Most clothes have removable insoles. Such insoles are practical as they give players the chance to change to more comfortable and supportive situations that the situation requires. They are also handy when looking for a quick way to dry your clothes. Removing the insole not only helps the shoe interior to dry faster, but the insole also dries faster by itself. You can wrap it with paper towels or hang it upright with clothespins or sticks to speed up the process.

3. Wipe grass, dirt and mud. If the rocks are wet from a rainy game or wet ground, you should consider wiping the grass, dirt and mud off the shoes with a damp towel. It may increase the wetness, but the drying process becomes easier without these elements. This is also an easy way to make sure you have an easier time the next time you wash your shoes; Dried mud can be more difficult to remove when washing.

4. Use a dry cloth to pat your blocks. It helps remove most of the surface moisture. This kick starts the drying process. You can do this both on the outside and inside of your boots to reduce the drying time.

5. Fill the boots with balled newspaper. The newspaper ball helps absorb a good percentage of the moisture. You can let it sit for a significant amount of time before removing and replacing it with a dry ball before later letting the shoes air dry. This measure can also be helpful in preventing the rocks from shrinking as they dry, but you should make sure that the newspaper does not leave them too bulky. You can also slide a newspaper piece on the laces and tongue to get similar drying results.

6. Place staples in windy areas. The truth is that even blocks will dry much faster under moving air. The wind removes moisture that speeds up the drying process. However, it is important that you ensure that the area is not damp or damp. drier air is much better for speeding up the drying process. Avoid using heat as it can permanently damage your shoes.