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Nike Free doesn't think so; nor should you. Read on to find out why this affects each of us, our health and a lot of wasted money. This is not a story about Nike Free shoes; it is about our freedom and growth.

It has been a long time since a great shoemaker has gone ahead and recognized that the human foot is the perfect running, walking machine.

Therefore, a good shoe should be simple and it allows this perfect machine to perform flawlessly, rather than trying to take over nature's function.

This is the core concept of the Nike Free shoes. Shoes that both mimic and allow the foot its freedom to do things - in this case, walking, jogging and running.

Nonetheless, deterrents claim that the lack of structural support and cushioning undermines the shoe's ability to be a serious running shoe. The experts spread terms such as - Stress Fracture, Calf Injury, Knee Injuries, Plantar Fasciitis.

The footwear market & you

In the footwear industry, structural support and cushioning are considered to be benchmarks for superior footwear. The more features a shoe has; the more applause it will get and, at the moment, the more expensive it will cost.

Do we as consumers really need all that expensive support and cushioning?

Is it really better for us?

For centuries across civilizations, shoes are worn only as status symbols by aristocrats; while ordinary people walked barefoot.

The many people who walked the most and ran the most went barefoot with their everyday lives!

Obviously, shoes did not come as an invention because our feet failed; it came as an invention of luxury and ego.

In the centuries that have passed, our feet still have the same powerful ability. Today we have barefoot marathon runners all over the world and complete communities of tribal people living barefoot.

Our God-giving machine is still exploding in this day and age!

Still, this weekend's runners spend barely a tenth of a marathon hundreds of dollars to buy advanced technology for their feet!

Why does the man on the street spend so much on high-tech shoes when marathon runners and hunters happily thrive without them?

The answer is advertising and product branding.

Shoemakers were astonishing to note that the city's people are mostly overpronators or underpronators. In an attempt to take advantage of this underlying dysfunction, they therefore design shoes that support and cushion shock. Consequently, remove and deprive the foot of its primary role as a motion point guard.

Overpronation, underpronation and neutral feet

More than 75% of residents are either overpronators or underpronators. Basically, it means that your feet lose their ability to accommodate ground equality and absorption of daily walking stress. Your foot has curved in one direction and cannot return to neutral - think of it as a stuck window that cannot be closed.

In its functional state, our feet are made to pronounce; curve that fits the contours of the ground. Here's how we can run sideways in slopes and edges without tumbling over. Therefore, feet with full range of walks can walk, run, jog barefoot and not hurt themselves (assuming you are not stupid enough to run on broken glass).

Because the foot has lost its ability to fully pronounce, cobblers generally believe that a shoe must be padded, cushioned, gelated and reinforced. The reason is that it will compensate for the loss of the foot of the pronation area. Therefore, the natural trend is to spend millions on technology research and charge you hundreds of dollars more per couple.

On the other hand, I view all these textured shoes as crutches. Yes, we may need it for a while. But when we consistently wear them and use them, we can never regain our natural ability to move as we were originally made to - painless, explosive and flexible.

A regular simple running shoe that lets your feet spread is adequate and good for all jogging this weekend. It also happens to be much easier on the wallet! If you want a nicer shoe, the Nike Free range would be a great buy as it goes beyond the unlimited feet; it mimics the shape of the feet and offers much more control to the feet.

In the end, injury and pain do not come from the lack of a jazzed shoe, but rather dysfunctional feet.

My feet / knees / skins / calf hurt because of my tendency. What am I doing now?

I would first make a wild guess that your shoe sole is being eaten too much on one side of the shoe. This can happen on one or both shoes. Do not assume that both feet are equally underpronate or overpronate.

The first thing to do is to throw away all your shoes that reflect this bump. Go buy new pairs of shoes; neutral shoes that do not have excessive support. Have fun shopping, do it with a friend, spouse or alone!

After a while, if you do not buy new pairs of shoes, your recovery will be impeded because you never throw the "crutch".

The next step is to slowly walk barefoot and as often as possible. You can start with your house, followed by the beach or the park. The goal is to reintroduce your 26 feet and muscles for the feeling of the natural foot movement. They have been trapped in shoes all these years.

Finally, you need to go into active rehabilitation to help your body restore its neutral state. It is not a costly procedure, but rather a series of simple movement patterns that specifically unlock your frozen foot muscles and reintroduce your body to its natural orientation.

Some familiar exercises like yoga and pilates help in this process. Still, if you want it faster, faster and easier, go to (http://phenogy.com) to find out how you can be free from knee pain, skin bones, plantar fasciitis, flat foot, raised arch and other injuries. on muscles and skeletons that are byproducts of foot pronation.

Even if you think you are not suffering from any of this at the moment. Take 5 seconds to stand straight up, with shoulder width apart ... Now look down ... Are your feet parallel to each other? Both pointing forward?

It is a concern for yourself to cheat by correcting them. You need to look at your feet when they are in a relaxed state. Take a look when you go to work or shop.

Whether your feet flare or bend or are not parallel pointing forward. It is a very strong indication of future musculoskeletal damage, which includes the above condition along with back, shoulder and neck dysfunction.

Still, you may be the rare 1 in 4 who has neutral feet. Congratulations and continue with the good movement you already have!