Today we show you some nice ways to organize your shoe collection

Today we will show you some nice ways to organize your shoe collection # Living room # living room cabinet # living room furniture # carpet

The laid-back style: that never fails

The great advantage of the current fashion is that it allows a freedom that has never before been seen when choosing the most suitable for your personality and style places we usually often. There are many options and combinations that can be given that are virtually endless. In this situation, we may feel a little disoriented. But if in doubt, we will always have a style that, even if this year's passport remains valid. We talk about casual style.

It is worth mentioning that Casual Dress Shoes for Men is often an excellent choice for everyday life or for the job, provided there is no formal dress code that it must follow certain professionals or if you are planning to attend a specific event. Fortunately, more and more companies have come to understand that worker comfort helps to achieve better returns; It has also become aware that formality is not the only alternative to looking presentable because a relaxed look that is well maintained can be synonymous with elegance.

A quick definition of casual style:

There is a basic rule for achieving laid-back style: blend as much informality and comfort with elegance. Obviously, if it was just comfortable, we would go out on the street running shoes, pants or shorts and a T-shirt from our favorite sports team, but that does not mean under any circumstances that have adopted a relaxed style.

Comfort is also a synonym for functionality. We said in the beginning that the relaxed style is useful for everyday activities such as informal events with family and friends and of course for work. And this style should allow us to develop ourselves freely and even walk, an activity that is usually necessary if we are to spend time in the major Mexican cities. Therefore, the excellent quality men's clothing is the best choice for the comfortable journey wherever we go.

The options:

Shoe laces: Leather shoes do not necessarily have to be that we should wear formal shoes with a suit or trousers. On the other hand, they are suede shoes, in 2016 this is the material you choose for casual men's shoes. Both options can be part of a casual style combined with the same style pants and even jeans. We do not recommend slightly tighter trousers straight cut but one, as this type of shoes is less bulky than other styles and to show off narrower legs it is recommended that the cut pants fit better.

Moccasins: This summer also witnesses the unusual power that has claimed the use of moccasins. Even the men who swore they would never leave their shoe shoes now choose this elegant and comfortable choice. Also available in leather and suede shows them as the best choice to wear a classic casual style. A good loafers should not miss in your wardrobe; We recommend a light color and a dark one. And not to fail, it's worth having some blue loafers, favorites for this year.