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Wedge Heel Boots-wedge heel boots-Vinny's Digital Emporium

What does Belleville Combat Boots do best?

Originally, Bellville Combat Boots opened as a small shoe company. During the establishment of the Belleville Shoe in 1904, fifty employees from the Belleville, Illinois business location worked. On average, their workforce made between 50 to 75 shoes each day.

Belleville Shoe Company: Rapid Expansions Growth

Within a few years of its opening, Belleville Shoe expanded its men and boys & # 39; footwear production across the country. However, the company did not start selling Belleville Military Boots until the First World War. In 1917 they received their first order of Belleville Combat Boots.

Following the military's first order, Belleville continued to promote the company's growth toward becoming a future company. Since the company made its first order, the company quickly began to build on their future business. It didn't take long for the originally small Belleville Military Boots manufacturer to become more present for their simplified but advanced footwear.

Revolutionary success: Belleville military boots

Since its inception, people have highly regarded Belleville Combat Boots for their sophisticated design and high quality. Although Belleville Military Boots have been fortunate to have a long history of success, the Belleville Shoe Company has also endured their share of problems. This was particularly the case during the 1930s.

Nevertheless, Belleville Combat Boots has survived many financial difficulties due to their ability to adapt to the changing economy. For example, during much of the 1930s, Belleville Military Boots marketing switched to social service agencies in Chicago. In the first place, they did this because the agency gave the shoes to the poor victims of the depression.
Honor distinction: customer service, quality and delivery

Production of Belleville Combat Boots resumed during World War II. After impressing the War Department with their fast deliveries and quality products, Belleville Shoe received the Army of the Navy recognition in 1945. Of the ninety combat boot manufacturers, they were among the five few to receive this honor.

Since then, Bellville Military Boots has continued to receive some kind of recognition from the government for their quality and performance. During the fifties and sixties, the company decided to expand its range of products beyond just Belleville Combat Boots to include Rawling's athletic shoes.

Under the Rawlings name, they started producing shoes such as baseball, golf, bowling, football, track and football. One of their best customers was Great Stan Musial. Usually he would go through six to seven pairs of shoes in a season.

Belleville Combat Boots: New Beginnings

During the seventies, Belleville Shoe focused its attention mainly on the production of Belleville Combat Boots. However, the company continued to make shoes other than Belleville Military Boots for civil and other uses. In 1986, the company decided to move from its second home found in the 77-year-old main street.

From there, they moved east of the city into Belleville Valley Industrial Park, which is now their current location. Years later, the company's officials acquired the Dewitt Arkansas Shutter Factory in 2002. Eventually, this led to the smaller manufacturing company under the name Belleville Shoe South.

Belleville Combat Boots: Guarantee and quality construction

All Belleville Combat Boots come with the highest quality guarantee. This guarantees customers that if they are not happy with their boots in any way, they can return their unused purchases within 30 days for a full refund. On the other hand, if one of their boots is found to have a defect in its workmanship or material within one year of the date of purchase, Belleville will repair or replace the boots.

The construction of Belleville Combat Boots gives people the convenience of running shoes, yet the appearance of a luggage compartment. Belleville works every day to perfect the quality of its products while continuing to expand its presence in the military market. They also work to meet the customer's needs and expectations.

Although many people believe that Belleville Combat Boots are comfortable and durable, they continue to work to extend the current Vanguard cushion. Vanguard helps distribute the heel to toe impact with a thick polyurethane cushion, resulting in optimal cushioning and tread durability.

Mera Max is one of the newest additions to the Belleville combat steal systems. Currently, Meramec manufactures the Mera Max sole, which offers a great deal of durability, abrasion resistance, in addition to oil resistance, shock absorption and abrasion resistance. In addition, they perform better than others in cold weather, while having a strong midsole to the upper legs, along with self-cleaning and traction.
Belleville Combat Boots: Today

Today, the small Belleville Shoe Company has grown to become a solid competitor in the current shoe industry. Throughout the years, Belleville military boots have maintained the unpredictable weather of the time. At the same time, they have not only continued to fight the relentless changes of the times, but rather have become one of the biggest shoes giants in the country. In addition, Belleville Combat Boots are now the largest suppliers for the military and are called by most & # 39; Belleville's & # 39 ;. You can see the entire line of flagship dealers as American equipment. For all military gear, this shoe provides the foundation.