Red Wing boots: wear them with jeans

Red Wing shoes can be worn with jeans, it is actually actively encouraged! Boots with boot-cut style look best because their lightly projected bottoms provide plenty of room to comfortably fit over the shoes and allow them to naturally show off their shape and shape.

Generally, you should avoid skinny and slim jeans in style clothing when wearing Red Wing shoes. Slim jeans are designed to fit directly on your skin, leaving no room for your boots or to move in. An exception to this rule is if you & # 39; re wanting an alpine punk look, in which case distressed skinnies would look great with your Red Wing shoes. If you have a pear-shaped body, or if your legs are a little chubby, you can wear sloppy or baggy jeans. Pear shaped and larger people should generally try to avoid slim and slim jeans, as they fit very tightly on your legs and so it is a very flattering look for them. If in doubt, leave them out!

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the best look comes from jeans with cut shoes, as they have a slight glare at the bottom, which means that even the largest models of Red Wing boots can fit tightly underneath. But if you don’t like luggage cuts or feel the weather is too hot or otherwise unsuitable for them, there are a couple of other options. First, you can wear cropped jeans or pants – it’s jeans designed to stay above your feet, often just three-quarters of the way down your leg. When paired with Red Wing shoes, these seem to end just above where your shoe begins, providing a very natural transition from pants to shoes.

The other way to get around the problem of cut jeans is to roll up the bottom. This can be done in any style except for the tightest styles in jeans and pants, but is especially good on straight-cut jeans as they provide a smooth roll-up. If your jeans are a raw denim style, dark color or have a very distinct or dominant selfage, wearing your jeans with roll-ups is already very trendy and trendy. The best roll-ups are those that are about 3-4 inches tall and sit just at the top or slightly below the top of the shoe. If you are wearing red Wing boots rather than shoes, take the take to overlap a few inches of the boots, otherwise you will look unbalanced and disproportionate. If you are wearing Red Wing shoes, feel free to wear jeans that are rolled up so that they sit just above the top of the shoe.

If you are wearing your Red Wing shoes in a relaxed way, make sure you are wearing accessories properly. Try wearing a belt that matches the shade of your boots or shoes. They don’t have to be an exact match, but avoid mistakes such as wearing a green belt with a mahogany colored shoe. If the weather requires it, don’t forget to match your outfit with a hat and scarf. If you are not sure what color your hat and scarf should be, try this for starters. Match your scarf with your belt – the more accurate the match the better. For the hat, you need a similar (but not identical) color and a similar & # 39; spirit & # 39;. Extravagant scarves require extravagant hats. Do not match a 3-tone, goose feather, body-curler scarf with a blue and red baseball cap. Keep things simple to begin with as well. Once we have gained some confidence, you can start experimenting with different colors and styles. If you insist on wearing gloves, try to get the ones that match your belt and scarf.

When shopping for Red Wing shoes, it is important that you get the right size. They should not be too tight around your feet and legs, as this would reduce flexibility. On the other hand, they must not be too loose so that they jump behind you as you walk. This would cause blisters, uncomfortable feet and risk falling and injuring yourself.