Safety shoes or sneakers? – Join the revolution in safety shoes

Gone are the days when protective boots and shoes were heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. The steel cover and midsole are available in many & # 39; old-fashioned & # 39; safety boots and shoes are now a fairy tale.

The future is here with the next generation of & # 39; sneaker & # 39; design protective shoes and boots with light materials in the space age to replace the heavy steel toe caps and reinforcements that have been used in the past.

The American term & # 39; sneakers & # 39; is a synonym for athletic shoes. The original & # 39; sneakers & # 39; referred to shoes made of flexible material, with a sole made of rubber and an upper part of leather or cloth. Sneakers were originally a sports shoe or shoe style for shoes, with & # 39; high peaks & # 39; covering the ankle and & # 39; low peaks & # 39; finishing at the ankle height. Sneakers today are much more commonly worn as casual shoes and have become famous by Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan brand and Converse.

Redbrick Safety Sneakers use high-tech materials such as Kevlar midsole and ultra-lightweight composite top protection to give the wearer an extremely lightweight boot or shoe that will be much more comfortable during a full working day than any steel toe shoe.

Safety is not jeopardized as this new generation of new safety boots and shoes meet all European standards for footwear.

Redbrick Safety Sneakers breaks with the traditional safety boot or shoe design and introduces a new style and comfort for work shoes and work boots that previously could not be achieved.

This innovatively designed safety codon is surprisingly manufactured to a high standard in a modern facility in Europe, which we all know is known for its designers of high fashion codons.

Several styles of Redbrick Safety Sneakers are available to suit your personal taste and you will be very pleased with the attention to detail on each shoe or boot that gives the wearer a whole new experience when it comes to wearing safety shoes or boots.

For those working in an industrial environment where the protection of toe and soles is required, or mandatory, they now have a radically new choice of safety boot or shoe, one that provides high levels of safety and would not look out of place on the dance floor.

Watch your workplace for these revolutionary boots and shoes as they will be out soon. On several large footwear, demand is high and they are available in the UK now.