Extend Your Phone Battery – 15 Strategies To Prolong The Life …

Extend Your Phone Battery – 15 Strategies To Prolong The Life …


In this three-part series, we look at renovations of bathrooms. Each article deals with various aspects of design, layout and planning.

Bathroom renovation or remodeling can be as basic as a new new paint lacquer and door handle (remember, with the right products and procedure, even wall tiles can be painted), or it can be a complete renovation and extension. Bathroom is an integral part of your living room and requires well-chosen architectural details. Soaking in a bath surrounded by tranquility is a great way to relax after a hard day's work. Bathroom accessories and finishes can be replaced or decorated to fit the design and style simply by using a pair of loose objects, color change and new handles. This is the easiest way to transform any area.


Every home improvement project must begin with careful and thorough budgeting, planning and preparation. The easiest way to start preparing for a bathroom upgrade is to look at other bathrooms and photos to renovate tips and ideas. It can also help to talk to others who have undertaken their own bathroom renovation. Few plumbing suppliers or diy stores are keen to share information and facts about how to renovate bathrooms on their own websites or sometimes in the store.

When planning a comprehensive makeover, devise plans and approach designers to help you with the layout.

Consult the specialists

It's good to talk to one expert . They can advise you on whether your plans will work out or otherwise. They can also explain to you where you are over your budget and where to lower your costs. You may want to lead the company yourself and hire specific designers, plumbers, carpenters, and contractors to consult, consult, and assist you, but it is advisable to ensure that a service provider is a specialist in his or her area. Ask for references and examples of their work.

If you almost don't know anything about upgrading and home improvement, it will be a much better plan to have a contractor who can monitor the project. Bathroom renovation initiatives include new materials and expert services by qualified plumbing companies and related businesses. Some areas such as tiles, plumbing, waterproofing must be handled by industry experts. If the water in the walls has to be replaced, who is better than an experienced plumber with the right equipment, experience and training to get it done correctly.

In the next article we discuss style and design, so explore the internet, interior design magazines and some plumbing providers to get your creative juices flowing.