Tendances mode automne-hiver 2018/2019

Tendances mode automne-hiver 2018/2019

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It is common to come across a painted wall that has wallpaper under its many layers. This is especially common in older homes and commercial properties, partly because of the fact that wallpaper was more hassle to remove then when the market lacked the innovative tools and products we now have to facilitate the process. For many people, painting over wallpaper is still the more cost effective and timed option. But this really adds to the fact that the work will be required later down the line when it comes time to properly renovate.

If you are a new homeowner or house "flipper", and your property has a background image that has been painted over, you probably wonder how to manage the project efficiently. But the unfortunate truth is, there is no secret method behind removing painted wallpaper. it simply takes a lot more effort and elbow fat than a standard removal work. And if there are several layers of color, your best alternative may be to replace the gypsum completely. Continue reading to learn best practices for painted wall-shaped walls and be on your way to a new start.

Remove painted wallpapers

If you don't already know how to remove the wallpaper, just review the steps before you begin. What you will see is that it is a very similar process for removing painted wallpaper. You must first gather all the necessary items, including:

  • 3-in-1 scraper tool or wide knife
  • Serrated Paper Scoring Tool (or hard brush)
  • Quality tapering solution (or liquid fabric softener mixed with water and vinegar)
  • Wallpaper Removal Cloth
  • Ladder or Step Stool
  • Large plastic bucket
  • 2 gallons of hot water
  • rubber gloves
  • Goggles
  • Drop Cloths or Tarps
Keep in mind that you may need new plaster installations if you find that there are several layers of paint on top of the wallpaper. If there are only a few layers of paint, you can successfully remove it without having to replace the plaster. When you have all the necessary supplies you are ready to get your hands wet! Here's how to start:

  1. Use medium pressure, write the outer layer on the wall with the paper cutting tool. Too much pressure can damage the wall, so take your time on this part. You can also use a thick brush steel brush or both. Choose the tool that you are more comfortable using and that will give the most results.

  1. Once you have painted the painter, spray on your wallpaper stripper solution, focusing on small sections at a time. Then allow the solution to soak in the wall for a few minutes. Spraying too much solution at once can damage the wall, so don't be too generous with the spray bottle. If you do not want to use a commercial wallpaper strip solution, you can instead mix water, vinegar and liquid fabric softener into a plastic spray bottle.

  1. After the solution has soaked in the wall for a few minutes, grab your 3-in-1 scraper tool (available from any local hardware or home improvement store at a lower price) and start with the sharpest edge. Get under the painted wallpaper and work slowly to scrape it off. Scraping in alternative directions helps speed up the effects.

  1. Expect this process to take several hours, or even days depending on the plaster or plaster used, the type of wallpaper, the wall square, the amount of paint on top of the wallpaper and much more. After a plentiful amount of dedication, patience and effort, you will eventually get everything!
Remember that all wallpaper removal jobs will be different. There are countless factors that influence the process of removing wallpaper, especially painted over wallpaper. Sometimes it is best to leave a boring and complicated project to a licensed professional.

A plaster and paint contractor has tools, resources and training necessary to remove wallpaper in the most efficient and professional manner. And they can also provide plasterboard installation and repair services for walls that have been damaged by too many layers of paint or wallpaper. If you want outstanding results at a good price, trust your local public contractor for wallpaper and color removal.