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Handmade leather vintage braided women long wallet clutch phone purse wallet

While a beam saw is the right machine for use when a large number of boards have to be cut to set sizes regularly, and a flat saw is ideal for angles, mids and small work, a vertical panel saw is the perfect tool for almost any other panel .

If individual panels or small sets need gluing, a saw, also known as a wall saw, is much faster than using a straw saw. To dimension square panels, a vertical panel saw is also much more efficient than a flat bed version.

Think of these two very common workshop situations where you have a saw with panels that offer different advantages.

First, in a low to medium volume production environment. My experience is that, given the choice, the operators want to cut all large panels on a vertical panel saw with only very small pieces or angle work done on a small flat bed or dimension saw

Secondly, it is best to use a straw saw for the entire large batch work in a high volume production environment. A vertical panel saw is commonly used in conjunction with the beam saw to cut the smaller workpieces that would block the beam saw and greatly reduce its efficiency.

Here's a summary of the key benefits of a vertical panel looking over a flat bed saw for square panel work:

  • Space savings. It takes up a much smaller footprint compared to a plate saw to cut the same size panels;
  • Labor savings. You just have to handle the entire sheet once. It is then just a one-man operation to cut the boards;
  • Accuracy. There is no confidence in the operator to keep the square in the fence;
  • Security. Vertical panel saws are extremely safe. The blade is always covered and its "improper use is prevented.
  • Revealing. These can be easily cut into a board of a vertical panel saw;
  • Cut Quality. You have the option of continuously feeding speed automatic cutting cycle to provide amazing edges.

So what are the main benefits of a vertical panel looking over a square panel beam saw? They are:

  • Space savings. As already mentioned, they require a much smaller footprint compared to a plate saw saw to cut the same size panels;
  • Settling. A quick setup makes a vertical panel look much faster to cut individual or small number of panels;
  • Price. A highly specific fully automatic panel saw, such as a Striebig, is cheaper than an input level saw.

We can offer customized Swiss Striebig saws to suit every customer's needs. They are suitable for cutting virtually all sheet metal materials, such as wood-based panels, plasterboard, plastic and aluminum panels, and are available with two-year parts and work guarantee.

There are a selection of five models, nine standard frame sizes and a wide range of options for increased productivity. They all come with watchkeeping, braking, sound control and dust extraction that surpass current European health and safety legislation and are accurate to 0.1 mm with unmatched cutting quality

Striebig users benefit from 40 years of research and development from a company that specializes only in the design and manufacture of highly advanced vertical panel saws.

All machines have comfortable and logically grouped controls, and are evenly balanced and smooth with only minimal physical effort required by the operator.

Vertical panel saws Also called wall saws are long lasting and usually in operation after more than 25 years of use. Add to this their high resale values ​​and the fact that they are the most sought after used machine of their type.

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